Experienced jumpers

Licence requirements

We allow experienced skydivers to jump at Parachute Ottawa if they have a valid CSPA B-Cop, C-Cop or D-Cop.

We do invite experienced skydivers with a valid CSPA Solo and A-Cop to jump at one of our sister drop zones, Parachute Montreal South Shore, in Farnham, QC, or Parachute Montreal North Shore, in Saint-Esprit, QC.

We are looking forward to welcoming skydivers of all levels at Parachute Ottawa for future seasons!

Experienced Skydivers


I read on your website that only skydivers with a CSPA B-Cop, C-Cop and D-Cop can jump at Parachute Ottawa. Why is that?

Parachute Ottawa’s landing areas cover about 400000 square feet, which is normally plenty of space for experienced skydivers to land, from Solo-licensed jumpers to experts. However, rivers and lakes surround Parachute Ottawa’s landing areas, which bring an extra level of difficulty. At the moment, we consider that skydivers with a valid B-Cop and licences above are experienced enough to jump and land at Parachute Ottawa safely.

We wish to evaluate the canopy flying and landing behaviours of our jumpers in relation to water proximity before allowing Solo and A-licensed skydivers to jump at our drop zone.

Safety is and always will be our priority and that is why we took this decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

When does the 2021 season begin?

The 2021 season will start in May 2021. More details coming soon!

Can I purchase package jump tickets?

Yes, we sell different blocks of jump tickets with or without gear rental. For the prices, please contact us.

Do you have gear for sale?

Yes. We primarily sell new equipment, but sometimes we may have used gear available. If we do not have something in stock, we can order it for you. You can also order jumpsuits and parachutes from us. Contact us for more information!

Can skydivers stay on-site overnight in a camper or tent?

As of now, skydivers are not able to stay on-site overnight in a camper or tent. We will make sure to inform our jumpers on social media, should this change during the 2021 season.