Who we are

Why choose Parachute Ottawa

Parachute Ottawa is the newest Ontarian addition to Parachute Montreal's family, currently operating two skydiving schools in Quebec. For almost 30 years now and with more than 185,000 jumps of combined experience, our team of professional skydivers has developed a unique and strong expertise that includes first jumps (tandems), civilian freefall and canopy training, as well as military training, all adapted to parachutist levels from beginner to expert.

Parachute Ottawa was created with the partnership of Parachute Montreal and Jake Mason in collaboration with Mobility Lab, who is a leader in military parachuting equipment. Jake grew up at Arnprior's former skydiving center (Mile High Parachuting). He has gained a wealth of experience in the skydiving industry, in both civilian and military training. He is also an experienced Master Rigger and pilot. With this partnership, we are anchoring our expertise in the Ontario market and pursuing Parachute Montreal's mission to share our skydiving passion, proven professionalism and unmatched experience with both our civilian and military clients.

We will get you there.

Three reasons to choose Parachute Ottawa

1. Benefit from our skydiving expertise with civilians and the military

The collaboration of our team with the Canadian Armed Forces enables us to provide parachute training to various military groups. With Parachute Ottawa, we aim to solidify our unrivalled military training services in Ontario, making our state-of-the-art facilities more accessible to the province’s Canadian Forces Bases and other military organizations. The experience we gained with the Canadian Armed Forces solidifies our overall skydiving and training expertise, which no other skydiving center in Canada has.

While we do train military groups, we are as passionate about initiating new jumpers to skydiving and training civilians in the sport. We have nearly 30 years of experience doing that! Parachute Ottawa welcomes anyone who would like to jump with Canada’s skydiving elite. Availability for tandem jumps is limited though; we are operating every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Book online now!

At Parachute Ottawa, we have:

  • A professional team with undisputed experience acquired at three different skydiving centres, including one that has been operating for almost 30 years.
  • The knowledge of highly specialized instructors, trainers, riggers and packers. Most of our instructors possess the highest level of certification in Canada (D CoP).
  • The expertise of Mobility Lab, an industry leader in the field of parachuting systems, military training and rigging.
  • The expertise of a Master Learning Facilitator for the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA).

Our team is made of high-caliber instructors who are dedicated to offering the best and safest thrill there is. Skydiving is not a job for them; it’s a way to share their passion with new jumpers and people who have never experienced freefall before. Many of them have been skydiving for years and have been with us since the very beginning. Because we are innovative and always looking for new talent all over the world, we keep our team of instructors current, skilled and diverse in terms of their expertise, background and qualifications, which is beneficial to anyone who skydives with us.

2. Safe equipment and airplanes

Safety is a priority at Parachute Ottawa. In addition to promoting safe skydiving practices at all times, we only offer top of the line equipment and planes.

Our new Sigma tandem equipment is the best and safest in the industry. Its manufacturer, United Parachute Technologies (UPT), is the ultimate supplier in tandem equipment, and has manufactured parachutes for over 30 years. All of our parachutes are equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) and a Skyhook. They are also rigorously inspected to the standards of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA).

Parachute Ottawa provides the best parachute equipment to students, which we carry in various sizes. All of our parachute systems are also equipped with an AAD (Cypres) as well as maintained and inspected rigorously by our expert riggers.

We share a fleet of 4 airplanes with our sister drop zones, Parachute Montreal (South and North Shore). This fleet, which can accommodate a total of 89 passengers, is efficient, reliable, fast and most importantly safe.

3. Most epic views in eastern Ontario

Ontario is blessed with some incredible natural beauty, and there is nothing like seeing it from the sky. While skydiving at Parachute Ottawa, you will enjoy breathtaking views of White Lake and of the Madawaska River as it enters the Ottawa River in the Ottawa Valley. Not many other skydiving centers in Eastern Ontario and in Quebec have this kind of natural scenery to offer.

Who we are


Our drop zone is located on the Arnprior Airport, 5 minutes away from Arnprior city center and right off Highway 417, making it very accessible for people living in the National Capital Region (Ottawa and Gatineau) and the Greater Ottawa Region. We are less than 45 minutes from Ottawa.

Our landing areas cover nearly 400 000 square feet, and are free from obstacles, ensuring a safe landing at any time. Your friends and family will have a great view of your landing, since the main landing area is only 50 feet from the spectator area.

We also offer an air-conditioned and spacious modern building renovated in 2018 as well as a picnic area. You can even bring a lunch if you wish.

We have experience operating drop zones that meet the needs of our clientele, whether you are coming for a first tandem jump, perfecting your parachuting skills or watching skydivers as they come in for landings.

Who we are


With our sister drop zones Parachute Montreal South and North Shore, Parachute Ottawa has the largest skydiving aircraft fleet of all drop zones within Canada. We have available two Twin Otters that can ride up to 23 passengers each, one Super Caravan that can ride up to 19 passengers and one Skyvan that can ride up to 24 passengers.

Onboard Parachute Ottawa’s aircrafts, you will experience a reliable and fast ride. Most importantly, our planes are extremely safe to fly in. Regulations and mandatory aircraft maintenance checks are strictly respected to ensure maximum safety for all of our skydivers.

Who we are

Master Learning Facilitator

Who is our Canadian Master Learning Facilitator?

Mario Prévost has been a Canadian Master Learning Facilitator since 2006. He has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in skydiving and nearly 15,000 jumps. In addition to his position on the Coaching Committee for the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), he manages staff and instructors for both Parachute Montreal locations and Parachute Ottawa. He also co-owns SkyVenture Montreal and iFLY Toronto (Oakville and Whitby locations), the only indoor skydiving facilities in Canada.

Mario is a master in developing coaching programs adapted to the practice of safe skydiving. It is with great passion that he trains instructors in all provinces, in addition to collaborating with Canada’s Armed Forces to provide parachuting training components for various military groups.

How to become a Master Learning Facilitator?

There are several levels of coaches and instructors in the skydiving industry. A Master Learning Facilitator for the CSPA is the highest level of instructor. There are very few Master Learning Facilitators in Canada and Parachute Ottawa / Parachute Montreal is lucky to count one in its management team.

How does this benefit you?

Every day, Mario’s experience and knowledge benefits Parachute Ottawa by ensuring that we guaranty well-trained instructors and coaches, who are also the most supervised in the industry. Rest assured, you will jump in complete safety and with peace of mind. You will benefit from the expertise of our team, and the excellence of all our services.

Choose Parachute Ottawa, the center for skydiving excellence in Ontario.

Who we are

Our team

Parachute Ottawa’s team was born from uniting:

  • The experience of Parachute Montreal’s management team, who has been operating drop zones for almost 30 years in addition to a 10-year collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces. Parachute Montreal and Parachute Ottawa also partner with SkyVenture Montreal and iFLY Toronto (Oakville and Whitby locations), the only indoor skydiving facilities in Canada.

  • The 9-year expertise of Mobility Lab, an industry leader in the field of parachuting who develops modern day military systems with national, international and governmental organizations. We are proud to have Jake Mason on our managing team, Mobility Lab’s military training and equipment specialist. He has been progressing in the skydiving industry since his teenage years and is now a talented instructor, trainer and FAA Master Rigger.

Because of these partnerships, our team is one of the most experienced in Ontario. We always work with passionate, well-trained, skilled and knowledgeable people, which makes Parachute Ottawa and our sister drop zones Parachute Montreal different from other drop zones. We would not be what we are today and couldn’t continue to innovate without all the employees who support our operations: instructors, coaches, customer service and manifest staff, drop zone managers, packers, video editors, pilots, programmers, riggers, marketing specialists, etc.

Come meet our talented team and see how our passion and expertise can make your skydiving experience unique, safe, thrilling and unforgettable.